About toay

Exact definetion

Toay laboratory is an online platform and also a totally non-profit organization founded by Twikor , which is a marvelous place to turn heart and coffee into awsome and practical projects . We enjoy and look at what we already have got , imaging what they will be in the future , and make them realized .

Toay laboratory is now in its very early life , and many things are uncertain . But it doesn’t block the process we are working on to suit it with the future we would like it to have .

Our projects

There is Toay laboratory , for there is the need .

We have got the idea since our first attempt to set up the laboratory . Please turn to Toay laboratory white paper .

Keep updated

Toay discussions is the official community for Toay laboratory , which is the very place to meet our members , share your ideas and carry on your works . This is the very formal way to get in touch with our community .

We have got Gitter.im chat rooms on almost each of our projects . You and get help and helped there .

You are especially wellcomed to Telegram group @toaygroup . We are all there . We have also got a Telegram channel @toaychannel where you can get in touch with our new projects or more !

And if you have difficulty getting onto Telegram , check out our project Outscape .


Of cause you are welcome if you would like to join the organization , especially when it is in its early age .

If you do love Toay laboratory and would like to join , please write an e-mail to Twikor with the following information :

  • Your personal information
  • Works you do/did , your awesome projects
  • The reason you want to join us toaymeisters

The guys working with toay laboratory are called toaymeisters , who are always with creative thoughtful minds and fantastic ideas . In certain condition we do need you and your help . Hope you could be one of us both physically and mentally .


Most of our project files are hosted on Github , the most widely-known software developing platform . You can simply follow these steps : find which projects you can contribute to on this page , do your works , commit to make a mergy request , that’s all . After code checking , if accepted , your name would appear on both the project page and in the Readme file .


Toay laboratory