Toay outscape

Toay outscape

is a project that offers you the convenient secure access to the internet or services such as Telegram.

Pro . Shadow

Everyone may have the right to experience the world in an creative and open way . That is why outscape is needed .

At first we carried out the Shadowsocks service , the best alternative to any kind of VPN .

… (waiting to be updated)

Pro . initial

Make it the best to Telegram , communicate freely without shadowsocks . Introducing MTProxy inside Telegram application .

Here is a list of the available proxy servers

Japan – Tokyo

USA – New Jersey

USA – Los Angeles


Due to avoiding the abuse of the services, you may need to get the credentials yourself.

Once connected, your Telegram account will automatically follow our Telegram channel (@toaychannel), where we use to broadcast our newly developments and projects.

Lastly, have good fun and enjoy your trip 🙂 .